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At Xstek, we understand the importance of technology in managing your dictation and transcription needs. Xstek has developed its own web-based workflow management application system designed to improve productivity and maximise efficiency.

Workflow Management System

Key features are:

  • Fully compatible with all platforms including Windows 7 onwards, Mac, ios and android devices
  • Fully web-based, compatible with IE, Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • Multiple mediums to upload dictations depending on suitability
  • Users can have multiple accounts all accessible with same login, thus no need to remember multiple logins and passwords
  • Online editing and approval of transcribed documents by consultants
  • Letters can be directly exported to Word
  • Real time monitoring of workload possible. Our solutions allow you to track the work at every stage, right from dictation upload, to document creation, to clinician approving the work and document integration in PAS
  • Old archived letters can be searched using a flexible search criteria using all or any of Hospital number, user, specialty, date range and document content
  • Users can view all previous letters of a patient in one screen, thus giving a quick access to history
  • Administrator level access for managers to perform management tasks and view analytical reports
  • Automated e-mail reminders to concerned clinicians or secretaries to avoid missing Trust targets, with second level emails to designated managers, hence managers are automatically informed before problems develop
  • Seamless integration with PAS

IOS and Android Dictation Apps

  • Free iPhone and Android apps to record and upload dictations for users on the go, thus eliminating the need to carry a Dictaphone
  • Simple and user-friendly interface
  • Easy recording, playback, forward and rewind functions
  • Urgent files can be marked at the time of uploading
  • Ability to append to existing dictations
  • Dictations uploaded directly to Xstek servers
  • Users can have additional protection with passcode setup feature